Organic Farming Australia - Meet Australia's Top Farmers

Learn the secrets of Australia's Top Organic Farmers.

Organic farming is currently receiving a lot of attention. Many farmers are keen to give organics a go but are unsure about the process involved and it's viability. Our one hour video hopes to demystify organic farming by bringing together some of Australia's top commercial organic and non-toxic farmers, and ask them how they manage their enterprises without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Mark joined a tour led by Nuffield Farming Scholar Don MacFarlane which took in ten different properties including the Victorian Agricultural Research Centre.

The great thing about the one hour video is that it allows the farmers involved to tell their own story on why they went organic, how they went about it and whether it has been a viable move. The video covers such diverse farming enterprises as organic cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, grain, wine, fruit and vegetables.

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