In search of La Dolce Vita

Two strangers travel through Italy searching for la dolce vita, asking local people about love, life and happiness, and finding answers themselves along the way.

Scott is an Australian wineblogger who had minor success with his first novel. He has lost interest in writing and is undergoing a midlife crisis. Charlotte is a Luxembourg fan of Scott who befriended him online and invited him to join her on a trip through Italy. She has been a librarian for 15 years and feels ready for a change, but is unsure what.

On a roadtrip taking in some of the most scenic parts of Italy – Aosta, Lake Como, Venice, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast, Scott and Charlotte meet the locals and learn the secrets of what makes a good life!

Food, wine, tradition, family, love and more wine!

40 mins (approx) mp4 file 1.6GB

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